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4K = Death of BlueRay

OK I am making a prediction again. This year RED at CES introduced the world to REDRAY, a 4K player that is available now. The last time I made a prediction about RED was in Dec 2007 when I predicted that motion picture film would be all but gone in 5 years. Well here we are in 2013 and most of the feature films we see today in the theaters are shot with RED Cameras. If you include all the films that are shot on some kind of digital format (Arri Alexa) you would have to conclude all.

Is there any films being shot on 35mm film anymore? maybe. Kodak has seen the impact of this.


By the end of this year 2013, blue ray will be finished. Sony has done it again, the fight it had with HD DVD took too long, then they held licensing like they did with BETAMAX, now with RED releasing the REDRAY player its all but over. The demand for 4K content delivery is high. The ability to deliver 4K via streaming is here, the content delivery industry is setting up right now to deliver 4k to every home that has an internet connection. RED is making licensing deals right now with the Motion Picture Studios. All the display manufactures have or will have by the end of the year 4K displays of any size you can think of.

RED also has in the works a 4K projector that will revolutionize the projector industry as well. Can anyone say 4K for the home again! Rumors suggest an under $ 10,000.00 price for their projector.


“This year is all about 4k,” we overheard a convention-goer say today at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. We can’t argue with that statement. Every major manufacturer is showing off 4K displays ranging from 20-inch tablets to enormous home theater-sized panels.

RED is showing off the capabilities of the REDRAY 4K Cinema Player in conjunction with Toshiba on an 84-inch 4K monitor. In a subtle display, RED and Toshiba show off 4K filmmaking from end to end. With a RED EPIC and REDRAY player overlooking the panels, footage shot on EPIC streams on Toshiba’s newest 4K monitor.

So here is an interview with Ted from RED

AVForums interviewed Ted on the floor of CES. Ted and host Steve Withers spoke about the RED EPIC, the REDRAY and all the 4K on display at CES.

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iPhone Rig

EDELKRONE has come out with a great product for all of you iPhone videographers, the "PhoneRig"

Please kindly contact edelkrone at any time for further information.

edelkrone is introducing the PhoneRig.

A hand-strap/EVF solution for serious iPhone videographers.

PhoneRig delivers better stability and comfort while you are shooting videos with your iPhone. Having the EVF gives you the chance to dive in to your footage and make full use of the high quality camera and retina display.

PhoneRig is also hot-shoe and tripod compatible with the 4 magnetic accessory attachment ports on it. The body is 100% CNC machined with ultra precision which matches the build quality and look of the iPhone itself. The optical components has hydrophobic, antistatic and antiglare coatings on it.

PhoneRig is a super practical accessory for all iPhone 4, 4S users who loves shooting videos with their phones.

iPhone 5 version of the PhoneRig will be announced in September.
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Starter Pistol New Update


Ok, the update was released on the May 19th @ 8:42 AM PST. That update fixed the freeze problem and everything is good in Starter Pistol World.

I did update the look as well
Start with setting your countdown
CountDown - It starts with "On Your Mark" then "Set" and the "Pistol Shot" happens at various times. (3.5 to 1 second)
Uptimer - kicks in automatically (notice the huge button) we also disabled the sleep mode so you can complete a 4 X 4 without having to take your phone out of sleep mode.
Save - Save your time, location and race length with (date-time stamp). (see Starter Pistol Save Time below)

Media Kit for the app is available here...
(media kit contains all screen shot images and the text from the site)

stacks_image_164 stacks_image_170 stacks_image_167

stacks_image_174 stacks_image_202
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Starter Pistol Version 1.0


So here it is, the final real release. It now includes the ability to save your time with your own choice of race length and location. This makes for a more complete app.

Start with setting your countdown
CountDown - It starts with "On Your Mark" then "Set" and the "Pistol Shot" happens at various times. (3.5 to 1 second)
Uptimer - kicks in automatically (notice the huge button) we also disabled the sleep mode so you can complete a 4 X 4 without having to take your phone out of sleep mode.
Save - Save your time, location and race length with (date-time stamp). (see Starter Pistol Save Time above)

Media Kit for the app is available here...
(media kit contains all screen shot images and the text from the site)

stacks_image_577 stacks_image_583 stacks_image_580

stacks_image_587 stacks_image_593 stacks_image_590
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Starter Pistol Changes

Ok we got rejected on the first go around with Apple. The reason was that we used the wrong SDK for the binary upload. We used the 3.2 and apparently that is for an “iPad app”. It doesn’t say that on the documentation but that is what it is. So Apple thought that we submitted an iPad app and as you know from our design it was meant for the iPhone.

The track athlete is supposed to strap an iPhone to their arm or whatever and use this app to practice their starts. That would be pretty hard to do with an iPad.

Anyhow it gave us a chance to fine tune it a little. Here are the new screen shots

We’ve added the necessary stuff to enable the save time component, and we added a number of new race types.
40 yards
30 meters
55 meters
60 meters
100 meters
200 meters
400 meters
800 meters
1500 meters
3000 meters
5000 meters

Along with the save time component we are incorporating location and date to the saving of the race time. Of course that will all come with the free upgrade.

the development team.

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Starter Pistol iPhone App

iPhone Apps: Starter Pistol

OK we started something new at IP, we are now developing apps for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices.

The Starter Pistol is the first one, look for it soon in the App Store.

Here is a description of the Starter Pistol App:
This app is for the track runner to practice their starts. It features a countdown timer delay to start the "On Your Mark" sequence, the starter pistol sound fires at the end of the countdown sequence. Then a new uptimer kicks in to time the actual run. The " Stop" button on the uptimer is large enough that you really don't have to look at the phone to hit the button. We also set the sleep mode disable to be active on launch. So you can run the timer out without having wake your phone.

This is the countdowntimer screen for the Starter Pistol iPhone App. Starter Pistol iPhone App Timer display and stop timer button.

We are very happy with the way the whole process went.

Check out the Starter Pistol page for more details.

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Back Focus Chart & Adjustment

We put together a back focus chart that you can download here….


Watch video of Red Camera lens change and “Back Focus” adjustment
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Red did it again

BIGRed Epic

So RED is raising the bar again, just when the world is trying to recover from the impact of the Red One Camera, the release a big brother to the ROC (Red - One - Camera) the 5K EPIC. More resolution, full size connectors, smaller package, full trade-in value, WOW! How are Panasonic, Sony, JVC, Viper, SI, and the Genesis, going to handle this news? This will surely put the final nail in the film coffin.
They also added a few goodies to the table. RED RAY a stand alone 4K DVD/CF player and Scarlet the under $3,000.00 3K professional camera. So RED is venturing into the HVX market and I think they will win.
Still no word on when the 4K projector will show up, I hope it soon.
Red recently added some interesting interviews to their site you can watch them here
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Should you Upgrade to Leopard?

Here is the dilemma, I was having problems with Quicktime since the 10.4.11 update which updated Quicktime to 7.3.1 (my setup: PPC G5 - dual 2.0 gig). When I visited a site that had a Quicktime movie and tried to watch it, Safari would crash. Tried the same thing with Firefox and got the same result. This meant that it had to be something in the Quicktime update.
I had issues with Finder as well. It would relaunch whenever I right-clicked on items. I went to the Apple site forums and tried a few of the fixes that were posted to no avail.
So when Leopard was released I decided that I would try it (as it couldn't make things worse could it?).
Well I have good news, the upgrade was worth it. It corrected the problems I had and the new features are awesome!
Love the new look of the dock and stacks (new Finder feature) are one of those WOW! features.
So the answer to the question: YES!
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What is the best Projector for my "Home Theater" ?

Quantify whether you have the ability to do a rear projection system. Rear projection is definitely the best for "Home Theater" if you have the room.

If you can do a rear projection system anything above 2000 lumens will work. Provided the space behind the projector is enclosed and ambient light can be controlled in that enclosure.

You can do rear projection in a space as small as 5' from the screen for a home theater set-up. In that set up the project is pointed at a mirror which bounces and expands the picture to the right size.

What to look for in a projector: (please note that these specs are minimums)

Minimum Lumens: Rear projection (2000)
Front projection (4500)

Contrast Ratio: >1000

Bulb: Arch type Bulb (not filament)

Minimum Bulb life: 2000 hours

Aspect Ratio: Both 4:3 and 16:9 (widescreen)

Resolution: 1280 x 720 (HD) other wise know as 720p (progressive)
1920 x 1080 other wise know as 1080i (interlaced) or 1080p (progressive)

If you can, try to find a projector that has sealed optics.

Panasonic has some new models that are liquid cooled (so these baby's are really quiet) and have sealed optics.
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