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Inconceivable Productions take the camera where your eyes can't go

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The thought behind this logo is to visually represent stop the banks from taking your home.
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The concept was first to draw focus to the office that he flows in, then to his name. It had to have some style and look good in all forms of media (TV, Web, and Print Media)
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The thought behind this logo is to be visually strong yet not to look too institutional.
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This one the client wanted strong and the NRRS initials to stand out, keeping in mind what they focus out which is REO''s
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The thought behind this logo is to visually represent a strong banking and corporate structure.
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What can i say about this…. The client here wanted a new logo to represent what he feels about being fearless about baking. The client didn't have a log at the time.
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LED Trees of Light

This logo is a modification to the logo that was created by someone else. The old logo was close but you couldn't see the D in the logo very well. we added some lines and the leaf to finish out the logo.
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This one I worked on quite a bit and its gone through a lot of changed over the years. Here are a few of the older designs
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Inconceivable Productions
Just wanted a simple Logo. This could be place in front of any background.
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Call Blocker App
Wanted a simple design that could pass as an apple designed logo.
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Starter Pistol App
Apple wants logos that do show what that app is about.