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4K = Death of BlueRay

OK I am making a prediction again. This year RED at CES introduced the world to REDRAY, a 4K player that is available now. The last time I made a prediction about RED was in Dec 2007 when I predicted that motion picture film would be all but gone in 5 years. Well here we are in 2013 and most of the feature films we see today in the theaters are shot with RED Cameras. If you include all the films that are shot on some kind of digital format (Arri Alexa) you would have to conclude all.

Is there any films being shot on 35mm film anymore? maybe. Kodak has seen the impact of this.


By the end of this year 2013, blue ray will be finished. Sony has done it again, the fight it had with HD DVD took too long, then they held licensing like they did with BETAMAX, now with RED releasing the REDRAY player its all but over. The demand for 4K content delivery is high. The ability to deliver 4K via streaming is here, the content delivery industry is setting up right now to deliver 4k to every home that has an internet connection. RED is making licensing deals right now with the Motion Picture Studios. All the display manufactures have or will have by the end of the year 4K displays of any size you can think of.

RED also has in the works a 4K projector that will revolutionize the projector industry as well. Can anyone say 4K for the home again! Rumors suggest an under $ 10,000.00 price for their projector.


“This year is all about 4k,” we overheard a convention-goer say today at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. We can’t argue with that statement. Every major manufacturer is showing off 4K displays ranging from 20-inch tablets to enormous home theater-sized panels.

RED is showing off the capabilities of the REDRAY 4K Cinema Player in conjunction with Toshiba on an 84-inch 4K monitor. In a subtle display, RED and Toshiba show off 4K filmmaking from end to end. With a RED EPIC and REDRAY player overlooking the panels, footage shot on EPIC streams on Toshiba’s newest 4K monitor.

So here is an interview with Ted from RED

AVForums interviewed Ted on the floor of CES. Ted and host Steve Withers spoke about the RED EPIC, the REDRAY and all the 4K on display at CES.

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