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Back Focus Chart & Adjustment

We put together a back focus chart that you can download here….


Watch video of Red Camera lens change and “Back Focus” adjustment
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Red did it again

BIGRed Epic

So RED is raising the bar again, just when the world is trying to recover from the impact of the Red One Camera, the release a big brother to the ROC (Red - One - Camera) the 5K EPIC. More resolution, full size connectors, smaller package, full trade-in value, WOW! How are Panasonic, Sony, JVC, Viper, SI, and the Genesis, going to handle this news? This will surely put the final nail in the film coffin.
They also added a few goodies to the table. RED RAY a stand alone 4K DVD/CF player and Scarlet the under $3,000.00 3K professional camera. So RED is venturing into the HVX market and I think they will win.
Still no word on when the 4K projector will show up, I hope it soon.
Red recently added some interesting interviews to their site you can watch them here
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Jim Jannard and the Red Team

An open letter to Jim Jannard and the RED Team Merry Christmas! and a Happy New Year. Its been a wild year, and just want to thank you Jim for your vision and following your guts.

The Red Team, thank you also for having the guts to follow a guy with a vision. It must have been hard in the beginning when all you had was an idea and the thought that it was possible to build something that everyone in the industry said couldn't be done.

Jim thank you for keeping us (the reservation holders and the user group) in the loop. It has been a wild ride and I look forward to the day when I receive my own RED ONE camera (sometime in Jan or Feb). I feel like I've been given a rare opportunity. One that requires a great deal of responsibility, because all of the excuses have been taken away. I can't say anymore that the equipment is holding me back from my vision.

The next few years should reap an incredible stream of great movies shot on the best digital cinema camera in the world. It will be fun to see how the industry reacts to them. How do you notify a whole industry that there is no reason to use film anymore, we have something better. Will we still call it "shooting a film", but for how long? What is the new term. "Shooting a DI", "Shooting a Digital Film", or will we keep "Shooting a Film". How about "Shooting a Red One" or "Shooting a 4K". It really doesn't matter because the process is pretty much the same. The only thing that is really changing is the MEDIA.

So again I say thanks for rocking my world

Tom Hautka
Inconceivable Productions
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Inconceivable productions needs scripts

35mm Film Reel

We are looking for writers that need their script brought to the big screen. We are willing to partner with a writer with a good 90 to 100 page script. We are primarily looking for a script that would be rated “PG” or “G”.  We offer a crew with a RED ONE camera, and a Post Production Facility. The script can be a first draft and we can help in the rewrites. Even if you have a good idea for a movie, we will arrange to protect the idea for you before you release it. Contact Tom for further info or call the office at (206) 248 4292

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apple Final Cut pro vs Avid

Final Cut Pro Studio software
Is anyone in the process of considering Final Cut Pro Studio in your workflow? This is the time to get onboard. With the announcement at NAB of the new Studio 2, Apple has really raised the bar again. The biggest changes are to “Motion” and the addition of “Color”. One of the more interesting things for us is the news that Apple was working with the RED team right from the get go. The ability to edit 4K Redcode right in FCP is amazing

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