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iPhone Rig

EDELKRONE has come out with a great product for all of you iPhone videographers, the "PhoneRig"

Please kindly contact edelkrone at any time for further information.

edelkrone is introducing the PhoneRig.

A hand-strap/EVF solution for serious iPhone videographers.

PhoneRig delivers better stability and comfort while you are shooting videos with your iPhone. Having the EVF gives you the chance to dive in to your footage and make full use of the high quality camera and retina display.

PhoneRig is also hot-shoe and tripod compatible with the 4 magnetic accessory attachment ports on it. The body is 100% CNC machined with ultra precision which matches the build quality and look of the iPhone itself. The optical components has hydrophobic, antistatic and antiglare coatings on it.

PhoneRig is a super practical accessory for all iPhone 4, 4S users who loves shooting videos with their phones.

iPhone 5 version of the PhoneRig will be announced in September.
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What is the best Projector for my "Home Theater" ?

Quantify whether you have the ability to do a rear projection system. Rear projection is definitely the best for "Home Theater" if you have the room.

If you can do a rear projection system anything above 2000 lumens will work. Provided the space behind the projector is enclosed and ambient light can be controlled in that enclosure.

You can do rear projection in a space as small as 5' from the screen for a home theater set-up. In that set up the project is pointed at a mirror which bounces and expands the picture to the right size.

What to look for in a projector: (please note that these specs are minimums)

Minimum Lumens: Rear projection (2000)
Front projection (4500)

Contrast Ratio: >1000

Bulb: Arch type Bulb (not filament)

Minimum Bulb life: 2000 hours

Aspect Ratio: Both 4:3 and 16:9 (widescreen)

Resolution: 1280 x 720 (HD) other wise know as 720p (progressive)
1920 x 1080 other wise know as 1080i (interlaced) or 1080p (progressive)

If you can, try to find a projector that has sealed optics.

Panasonic has some new models that are liquid cooled (so these baby's are really quiet) and have sealed optics.
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Inconceivable productions needs scripts

35mm Film Reel

We are looking for writers that need their script brought to the big screen. We are willing to partner with a writer with a good 90 to 100 page script. We are primarily looking for a script that would be rated “PG” or “G”.  We offer a crew with a RED ONE camera, and a Post Production Facility. The script can be a first draft and we can help in the rewrites. Even if you have a good idea for a movie, we will arrange to protect the idea for you before you release it. Contact Tom for further info or call the office at (206) 248 4292

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apple Final Cut pro vs Avid

Final Cut Pro Studio software
Is anyone in the process of considering Final Cut Pro Studio in your workflow? This is the time to get onboard. With the announcement at NAB of the new Studio 2, Apple has really raised the bar again. The biggest changes are to “Motion” and the addition of “Color”. One of the more interesting things for us is the news that Apple was working with the RED team right from the get go. The ability to edit 4K Redcode right in FCP is amazing

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