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Starter Pistol iPhone App

iPhone Apps: Starter Pistol

OK we started something new at IP, we are now developing apps for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices.

The Starter Pistol is the first one, look for it soon in the App Store.

Here is a description of the Starter Pistol App:
This app is for the track runner to practice their starts. It features a countdown timer delay to start the "On Your Mark" sequence, the starter pistol sound fires at the end of the countdown sequence. Then a new uptimer kicks in to time the actual run. The " Stop" button on the uptimer is large enough that you really don't have to look at the phone to hit the button. We also set the sleep mode disable to be active on launch. So you can run the timer out without having wake your phone.

This is the countdowntimer screen for the Starter Pistol iPhone App. Starter Pistol iPhone App Timer display and stop timer button.

We are very happy with the way the whole process went.

Check out the Starter Pistol page for more details.

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