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Should you Upgrade to Leopard?

Here is the dilemma, I was having problems with Quicktime since the 10.4.11 update which updated Quicktime to 7.3.1 (my setup: PPC G5 - dual 2.0 gig). When I visited a site that had a Quicktime movie and tried to watch it, Safari would crash. Tried the same thing with Firefox and got the same result. This meant that it had to be something in the Quicktime update.
I had issues with Finder as well. It would relaunch whenever I right-clicked on items. I went to the Apple site forums and tried a few of the fixes that were posted to no avail.
So when Leopard was released I decided that I would try it (as it couldn't make things worse could it?).
Well I have good news, the upgrade was worth it. It corrected the problems I had and the new features are awesome!
Love the new look of the dock and stacks (new Finder feature) are one of those WOW! features.
So the answer to the question: YES!
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